Oh you're in my veins and I cannot get you out

22 year old. College grad. Current graduate student. Lover of learning. Highly opinionated. Living a stereotypical 20 something life.

3 more clients and i’m done with clinicals this semester!!!!!!!

never been happier. this semester fucking sucked. i’ve never been busier in my life. plus, i finally get to work with adults (stroke/tbi/right hemisphere brain dysfunction) so i’m excited for this new change. no more autism and childhood dysphagia. yayayayay.

I’ve been a pro at adulting lately. I signed a lease for a 1 bedroom apartment that I will be living in with my boyfriend. We discussed getting engaged next march, but we are going ring shopping in december. I am 2 weeks from being half way done with my masters program. My credit score is awesome. I have a good mature group of friends whose idea of fun is watching greys anatomy and drinking wine on the couch while discussing how much we hate everyone else in our program. And I’m loving shopping for furniture and diys for our new apartment. I have an amazing boyfriend who thinks I’m like the best person in the world and gets along with my family. Life is pretty good.

Quiet nights at home with this guy are my favorite thing to do

Quiet nights at home with this guy are my favorite thing to do

i don’t want to give therapy and do clinicals today. waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. i want to nap. 

being a grown up would be a lot more fun if no one had to work and money grew on trees.